The Red Chair Cafe

Sit. Sip. Eat.

The Red Chair Cafe

A locally owned restaurant in downtown Anchorage, Alaska serving breakfast and lunch.

We also offer an extensive beer and wine menu

7am - 3pm All Week

Community through Artistry
Enjoy the journey

Sit. Sip. Eat.

February 2014 - Featuring Rhonda Scott

Rhonda Scott is a talented local artist using oil and watercolor mediums and often displaying a post-impressionistic flare to her work. She will be making a short presentation, with many smiles and giggles, about her art and whatever else she might want to talk about. So, please come, sit, sip, eat, enjoy Rhonda & her art, and support the MDA for a fantastic night of food and fun.

A portion of all art sales proceeds during February will be donated to the MDA. We will be featuring other events and ways to donate throughout the month, please keep checking in!

"I love nature and gardens. A great day for me is one with dirt or paint on my hands.

I find myself painting from a joyful spirit - as a child my dreams were simple:  To create world peace, live in a garden, and be independently wealthy. Now that I’m an adult, I find by re-defining these expectations, I have already met many of them: I paint spectacular flowers, find peace in my studio, and am anticipating my FIRST million dollar art sale!

I utilize color and humor in my art.  My ‘perfect’ painting stops someone in their tracks, brings a smile to their face, and has them daydreaming about it later."  Rhonda Scott, Artist